We are proud to be the way we are.

We have learned to make wine guided
by intuition and experience,
supported by our taste,

but our work can only charm and enthrall us through the appealing
concreteness of everything we are able to do with our hands.
We have no doubts: the road uniting organicism with biodynamic
principles is the right one to be traveled to produce a wine capable of
describing our land, our vineyards and our history.
What we are.

Wines produced from our work in the vineyard, made with extreme care and dedication.
Wines which reveal our true calling, vine growing.

Our Familylives in harmony with this land since 1450.

In five centuries, we have learned every detail
of every single plot of land:
for generations we have faced day by day
the unpredictability of climate and natural events.
Today like yesterday with a single goal:
to produce wines able to faithfully convey the essence of Erbusco’s hills.

DISTANT MEMORIES which strengthen our identity.

Sometimes we love to browse the scrapbook.
All we need is to read the purchase deed for the Rampaneto vineyard, still today our cru, to find ourselves back in 1842. Or remember our historical wine cellar – in the estate of the family’s mansion,

today location of Erbusco’s Town Hall – to be in the midst of the pioneering 60’. A scrapbook of places, but also of dear people.
Like Gian Paolo e Giovanni, enlightened men who, with foresight, outlined the furrow we still walk today.

LOVE, SOMETIMES, IS NOT ENOUGH.Our family has always been filled with love for the vineyard.

But it’s thanks to our great-grandfather Gian Paolo and our grandfather Giovanni that the simple love has become dedication, knowledge, research, commitment. Then it was up to our mothers, Maria and Giulia, daughters of Giovanni, and now it’s up to us, Francesco and Diletta.A united family. And extended.

Because we consider a member of our family Aldo Pagnoni, our commercial director for 35 years, and Giampaolo Turra, our oenologist. A close family conditioned to a common intent:realize together wines that are the highest and most rigorous expression of our cru.

We love getting our hands dirty, free from the fear of making mistakes, attempting over and over, to experiment time and again.

TO BE NAMED CAVALLERINo fantasy names, no arcane acronyms.
The surname CAVALLERI, pure and simple: one of the oldest in Erbusco.

From the first bottle of Curtefranca in 1968,
even more with the first bottle of Franciacorta in 1979,
our surname stands out on the label of our wines.

Since you were a child, you ran across the rows of vine,
brushing against the vine leaves and the grapes,
and you can't resist to the charm
of the mysterious place called cantina.

Then, growing up, you start feeling the desire to make wine,
e, da subito, and, right away, you realize how it will take most of your time to do a good job.
A full time passion, completely engulfing you, which,
through yourself, will trespass the walls of the cantina
and affect your family and friends.