Between the lake and the mountains, Franciacorta.

Even as far as 2000 years ago, famous authors such as Pliny, Virgil and Columella,
celebrated the wines

from the land known today as Franciacorta,
mild slopes were the cultivation of grapevines has ancient origins.
A morainic terrain made of sand and pebbles and an ideal microclimate:
temperate in the winter and windy in the summer.
Perfect conditions to produce wine.

We have learned to appreciate and safeguard the peculiarities of each of our plots.


We own 42 hectares of hillside land
and we do not wish to buy or rent more.
With this dimension we know every plot; its exposition,
strong points and criticality, to the point were we can draft and intervene on the single plants;
always knowing that the best wines are born in the vineyard.

We love the philosophy, but most of all we love the pragmatism.

Many of the revolutionaries and enticing theories by Steiner have seduced us, but the practical applications of biodynamics even more so. The relevance of the soil's vitality conceived as a living organism.

Humus' role and, if necessary, the ability to produce it, so the resulting balanced ecosystem can conserve and support the virtuous and vitals elements of the soil and the environment.

A simple
and natural activity.
Our land has grown more fertile and balanced,
since we started using green manure.

Between rows of vines we plant grass, cruciferous plants and legumes,
to increase the organic matter within the soil.
Priceless humus which improves fertility and soil structure.

Today like yesterday with a single goal: to produce wines able to faithfully convey the essence of Erbusco’s hills.

For us it's also dialectics, involvement,
enthusiasm and sharing.

We believe in the results only a cohesive group can obtain,
where a single person's experience and competence are blended together in the teamwork.
We love getting our hands dirty, free from the fear of making mistakes,
attempting over and over, to experiment time and again.
What is, after all, our work?
An artisanal craft which looks to the past while thinking about the future.

Our work charms and enthralls us through the appealing concreteness of everything we are able to do with our hands.

Respecting the environment is essential for us.And we're not just talking about the vineyards and the wine,
we're talking about everything concerning our business and our lives.

A predisposition showing itself in every decision, initiative or gesture.
Nature is all we have,
and we must love it and protect it, thinking about the generations to come.
We truly believe in this philosophy: the future comes through here.